WitchEmoji is the #1 selling iMessage sticker pack for all of your witchy needs.  It contains witches, spell craft objects, familiars, and magic symbols in a variety of skin tones and colors.  Let WitchEmoji help make your texts more magical.  BEST WITCHES!


Q. Where can WitchEmoji be used?

A. WitchEmoji is a sticker pack that is available for iPhones and iPads with iOS 10.1 or newer. It is compatible with iMessage.


Q. Will it be available for Android or other platforms besides iPhones/iPads?

A. Hopefully down the road.  Thanks for your interest!


Q. How many stickers come in the pack?

A. For this first release, there are 80 stickers to choose from, including various skin tones and color choices for each emoji.  You can see samples here.


Q. Hey! I've downloaded the pack to my phone.  How the heck do I install it?

A. Easy! 

1. Open iMessage, and select someone to text.

2. To the left of the text field where you type, you'll see a gray button with a > symbol.  Click on it.

3. Three more gray buttons should appear.  Click on the one with the A symbol in it.  This will take you to your apps.

4. In the bottom left corner, you'll see a gray button with four ovals in it.  Click on it.

5. Click on the + button with the word Store beneath it.

6. Click Manage

7. This will open a menu where you should see WitchEmoji listed.  Slide the toggle next to it to the right, so it turns green.  Then click Done.  Voila!

8. Now click on the WitchEmoji icon, and you're good to go.


Q. OK.  So it's installed.  How do I use it?

A. Also easy.

1. Whenever you want to use a WitchEmoji in your iMessages, just click that gray > button to the left of your text field, then click the gray A button. 

2. Your WitchEmoji sticker pack should be there for you to scroll through.  Just click on any sticker, then hit the blue up arrow, and there you go. 

(If for some reason the WitchEmoji sticker pack doesn't come up at first, just click that gray four ovals button in the bottom left corner.  Click the WitchEmoji icon, and the sticker pack should pop right up.)

3.  BONUS MOVES:  You can also hold down the sticker until it enlarges, then drag it up to wherever you want to in the text field - even on top of word bubbles, photos, or other stickers.  And you can also rotate it or change its size with two fingers before you place it.  Magic!


Q. What happens if I have an iPhone but my friend doesn't?  Will they still see the stickers when I send them via text?

A. The images should appear, but will be rendered on a different background, and some details may be lost or obscured.


Q. What is your privacy policy?

A. I vow to never sell your information to another party, nor use it to pester you in any way other than to let you know if/when there are any WitchEmoji updates. 


Q. So who are you?

A. My name is Pam Grossman.  I'm a Brooklyn-based writer and curator who focuses on witches, magic, and esoteric art.  I'm also the author of the comic book What Is A Witch, and creator of the blog Phantasmaphile.


Q. Why did you create WitchEmoji?

A. I created WitchEmoji because I couldn't find any great witchy, magical emoji to use in my texts.  Necessity (or obsessive desire in this case) is the mother of invention.


Q. How did you get this made?

A. I worked with a badass emoji designer who created each icon based on my creative direction.  I built the app myself.


Q. Will you be adding to this pack?

A. That's the plan!



Send all inquiries to phantasmaphile at gmail . com